About Peaceful Living

Peaceful living is a lifestyle that includes respect and kindness for all living creatures including yourself and incorporates uncomplicated meditation practices for everyday people.  Peaceful living's core concepts are non-judgement of others and ourselves. 

The Peaceful Living Personal Program

Peaceful living is rooted in non-judgement.  Sounds easy...not so much.  Surprisingly enough, practicing non-judgement of others is easier than practicing non-judgement of ourselves.  This is a concept I struggle with every day.  You know...that little or sometimes BIG voice in your head that tells you things like - you're not good enough, that's impossible, it's too hard, no one will like you, etc, etc, etc.   That voice seems to never go away!  And then that becomes another judgement you give yourself...why can't I make these thoughts stop?  It's a seemingly endless cycle.  The way to get off the merry go round is one little thought...who is the voice?  Who is thinking these thoughts?  The answer is YOU!  So if you are thinking these thoughts, then you have the power to change these thoughts.  You are the creator of your thoughts hence your reality.  Meditation is a fantastic tool to quiet these thoughts and to get in touch with YOU as the thinker of thoughts.  Click on the button below to view my blog which will contain my thoughts, ruminations and experiences with practicing non-judgement.  Some days it goes exceedingly well, some days it doesn't.  And those days are the days to be extra kind to yourself. 

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Weekly Meditation via Zoom

In partnership with Sand Hills Wellness Center, I will be offering  a weekly mantra meditation class starting September 14th from 8:00 - 8:45 pm.  This weekly meditation will be done via zoom so you can join from anywhere! 

Click the link below to register.  

$10 suggested donation.