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Sorry for my absence...but I am back!

Hello everyone,

First let me say I am sorry to anyone who had signed up on my site to connect or for my newsletter and received nothing but silence. My bad. And actually I hate that bad. It sounds flippant and not truly apologetic. When in reality, I am truly sorry. I began this website with much optimism and excitement and to be honest a lot of anxiety and nervousness. You see, I am a Virgo, which means I cannot fully commit to anything until I feel that I am a complete expert in it. Which, even though I studied for almost a year with many seasoned masters of meditation, read many books and attended webinars, and even committed to a regular meditation practice, I still felt that I wasn't qualified enough to put myself out there as a meditation teacher. Creating the website was the easy part. It was a fun, creative outlet that I truly enjoyed. I even held my first meditation class shortly after for friends and people I knew. Which, was received well and I really enjoyed. But then I stagnated...self-doubt crept in...who did I think I was thinking that I can teach meditation? I had forgotten the last lesson in my teacher training...the best way to learn to be a meditation teacher is to start teaching. A ha! Well, it took me almost two years to learn that lesson! But here I am. Ready to start again. I am going to put myself out there and let the universe take over, practicing detachment from the outcome and be present this moment. I hope you decide to join me :)

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