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I saw this picture on Facebook and thought…Yes! That is me! I am a Virgo. Enough said right? We are known for perfectionism, attention to detail and the notion that we must research everything and learn everything before we can commit or take a step forward. So, the explanation for Virgo – “tries to follow the instructions perfectly but wonders if they’re doing it right the whole time” is perfectly spot on. Of course, I practiced meditation for years and still not feeling like an expert, took a meditation teacher training course. Mostly to perfect my own meditation practice. But something amazing happened…through all my training, the biggest “a ha” moment for me was when I began to accept that meditation is not about judgement but about acceptance and detachment. Acceptance of the present moment as it is and detachment from an outcome. My meditation teacher Roger Gabriel explained it simply. “Whatever meditation experience you have is what you were meant to have. Don’t judge your meditation or actively try to meditate. Just be easy with yourself and be in the moment whatever that may be. The experience you have is the one you were meant to have.” This is a profound lesson for me, as a Virgo. While we are known as being hyper critical, what most people don’t realize is that Virgo’s are hyper critical of themselves not everyone else. We are actually very compassionate towards others but have a difficult time being compassionate toward ourselves. It took me quite awhile to adopt this philosophy and to be honest it is still a work in progress. But what I’ve noticed is that over time, it’s easier and easier for me to remain in the present moment during my meditation while accepting it as it is… perfect for me. The funny thing about meditation is that the most profound effects are not during the meditation but how you are in your daily life. Things bother me less – traffic, waiting in line, plans that go awry, little things that used to frustrate me don’t seem to bother me any longer. I still struggle with this, but I am conscious and aware in those moments which is the first step. To simply be conscious of my anxiousness and frustration and judgement of the situation or myself. In those moments, I take a few deep breaths, repeating the mantra So Hum (I am), and bring myself back to the present moment and accept it as it is.

Does the description of your own sign resonate with you?

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